Did You Recently Have Pavers Installed on Your Property? Whether it’s a walkway, driveway or a brand new patio equipped with outdoor fire pit & grill area; many don’t know that there is a second step after installation… Sealing.

We know what you’re thinking. You just had all of these contractors at your house and you’re tired of seeing workers and trucks everyday. Well the good news is, in most cases, sealing is a two day process minimum!

Why Seal?

Sealing is a fairly new concept, but it didn’t come from nowhere. Our company’s founder has also been in the hardscape installation business for 40+ years! And in that time, he has been able to observe & monitor how pavers hold up to the elements. His findings are what led him to the concept of sealing. After going back to his jobs many years later, he found that although structures held up well, the pavers themselves just didn’t maintain the same luster they had upon installation. Colors fade, stains set in and the joint sand cracks and washes out. He needed to find a way to keep them looking great for the long haul.

Sealing is preventative maintenance.

Yes, that’s right. We’ve found that you can significantly lengthen the life of and preserve the beauty of your hardscape by having it sealed right after it’s installed.

As a company that also does paver restoration work, we’ve saved a lot of clients hardscapes. But there are some scares that can’t be healed. The older the paver, the less chance there is of successfully removing stains and repairing damage. They also become brittle overtime due to acid rain, winter conditions and other elements. You can prevent this.

Protect Now to Avoid a Costly Restoration Later

After all, at this point you’ve probably invested a good deal of money into the installation. But like anything, a hardscape requires maintenance. Protecting your pavers right out of the gate will save you pain and headaches down the road on costly cleaning and repairs.

Like we said, restoration is a process that we are all too familiar with. It’s why we started this company. But in reality, it’s much easier and cheaper for both parties to protect your pavers now. Restoration takes longer, costs more and in some cases the pavers have become too brittle to be saved. Having them sealed on a regular maintenance schedule will keep them in great shape for years to come.

You’re Already Sealing and You Didn’t Even Know It

If you wax your car regularly or apply moisturizer to your face, you are already practicing the concept of sealing. You wouldn’t wait until the paint cracks on your car to wax it or until you develop wrinkles to apply face cream, would you? Taking care of your pavers is the same thing. Seal and protect now and keep your investment looking awesome!

Maintain your pavers after they’ve been sealed… visit our blog to learn how!

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