Have you noticed that your paver walkway, patio or driveway seems to be walking away? In other words, the pavers are spreading and/or sinking? There could be a very simple explanation for this…

You have no edge restraint or your “edging” is failing. 

Your pavers part of an interlocking system. This system starts with laying down a base consisting of crushed stone & bedding sand. Then the pavers are put down on top, edge restraint is installed around the perimeter and then finally joint sand is installed between the pavers. When any one of these components fails or is missing completely, the entire installation is compromised. 

Edging is meant to keep the pavers in place. If it is not installed or fails the joints expand and the interlock between the pavers is lost. Over time the pavers will continue to spread, lift, sink and shift. Then of course, this invites in the weeds & moss. 

How can you tell if it’s your edging that’s failing? 

The answer is pretty obvious. You’re seeing the issues along the edges are happening first and look the worst. 

Pavers can start to spread for a lot of reasons such as foot or vehicle traffic and ground movement. Edging should always be installed along the entire perimeter unless the edge of the pavers are in contact with another solid surface (i.e. vertical wall, concrete curb or driveway edge)

Why did my edging fail?

Improper installation is often the cause of edging failure. During installation the stone base should extend 6” beyond the pavers and edging should be spiked down directly into the base. If this was not done and the edging was spiked into dirt or sand it will not hold.

Another problem could be that not enough spikes were installed or the spikes were not angled properly. 

Types of edge restraint and what should you use

Edging can be made of plastic, aluminum, steel, wood or concrete. In our experience plastic holds up the best as it does not rust and is more flexible. 

Other culprits 

Edging failure is more prevalent in places with harsh winters due to the freeze-thaw cycles causing the ground to constant heave and shrink. But there are some other reasons your hardscape could be damaged. You could have water run-off near or under the pavers that is constantly pulling out the base material. Or you may have critters digging tunnels under the pavers. 

What do I do? 

In most cases only a professional will be able to diagnose the real issue. We suggest you call your landscaper right away if you notice the pavers are sinking or spreading. The longer the issue goes unchecked the worse and more expensive it will become. 

Edging plays a critical role in the paver system… if not maintained it can ruin a beautiful walk, patio or drive. Click here to find out how The Paver Savers can repair your edging as part of our comprehensive restoration process.

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