edgingThe pavers in your patio or walkway are just one part of an interlocking system. This system includes the stone base, bedding sand, the pavers, joint sand and an edge restraint to contain the pavers at the perimeter. Each of these components must be maintained to preserve that interlock which prevents the pavers from moving.

Edging is a very important part of this system; it keeps the pavers from spreading caused by the force of foot traffic, cars and ground movement. It should be installed along the entire perimeter of all paved surfaces unless the edges are in contact with another solid surface such as a vertical wall, concrete curb or driveway edge.

Damaged or missing edging is the cause of many problems in paver hardscapes. When the edging fails, the pavers move, the joints expand and the interlock between the pavers is lost. Over time the pavers will continue to spread, lift, sink and shift. This creates places for weeds and moss to grow and can also create tripping hazards. Often the damage starts out in a small section and can be easily repaired. If the problem is not addressed the damage will quickly spread to a larger area and the repairs become more expensive.

Improper installation is often the cause of edging failure. It’s common to find that the stone base material did not extend at least 6” beyond the edge of the pavers. If the edge restraint was just nailed or spiked into dirt or sand is bound to fail. The edging should never be exposed, and the outside edge must be kept backfilled. Another problem could be that not enough spikes were installed originally to keep it secured it in place. Problems with edging are much more prevalent in places with harsh winters because the freeze-thaw cycles will tend to lift the edging.

Edging can be made of plastic, aluminum, steel, wood or concrete. We believe that plastic is the best material since it is easier to install and will not rust or rot. It’s also flexible enough to allow a tight fit along any curved edges. Concrete edging blocks are another alternative that are durable and attractive but may be more expensive to install.

Edging plays a critical role in the paver system… if not maintained it can ruin a beautiful walk, patio or drive. Click here to find out how The Paver Savers can repair your edging as part of our comprehensive restoration process.