Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to clean your pavers. However, if not done properly it cause permanent damage and deterioration to the surface. Excessive water pressure may remove dirt and grime build-up but it can also eat away at the material.  Here’s a list of risks associated with pressuring washing your pavers. 


  • Streaks & Lines – Pressuring washing improperly can leave unsightly streaks, swirls & lines all over your hardscape. 
  • Permanent Damage – Not using the right tips, holding the wand too close to the pavers and poor technique can result in permanent damage to the surface of the pavers. 
  • Damage to Surrounding Areas – One accidental motion with the pressure washer and you can damage your siding, outdoor lighting, landscaping etc…
  • Mess – Pressure washing can leave huge puddles of mud & water behind to clean up. 
  • Injury – Powerwashers are powerful pieces of equipment that can cause ruptures in the skin & bruising to those who are accidentally hit with overspray. 

Reasons to Hire a Professional

  • Save Time – Let’s face it, most DIY projects wind up taking longer and are more involved that we originally planned them to be. Hire a professional and use your precious time elsewhere!
  • Avoid Damage & Streaks – They know the proper technique to pressure washing to avoid streaking & damage to the paver surface. 
  • Clean Up – They know how to direct the spray in the right direction and clean up the mess effectively. 
  • Correct Equipment – They have the correct machinery and the right equipment for the job to make sure everything goes safely & efficiently. 
  • Surface Cleaners – They have access to industrial strength cleaners and the training on how to use them effectively to better clean your pavers. 

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have decided to seek a professional hardscape cleaner please feel free to check out the areas we service and see if we can help you.

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