There is simply no such thing as a “maintenance free” hardscape, but if you follow these simple tips, keeping your pavers clean will extend their life and extend the time between sealings. Here are 3 easy tips on how to maintain your pavers after they’ve been sealed:

  • Keep debris off. Regularly blow or sweep off grass clippings, leaves, etc… This will help prevent weed seeds from getting into the sand joints. If you see weeds growing, spray promptly with an herbicide (RoundUp).
  • Look for moss and mold. Clean the area as soon as you see any green. Remove with a stiff brush and a mild bleach and water solution. You need to prevent the moss or mold spores from rooting in the joints and disturbing the polymeric sand. Click here to read more about moss & mold!
  • Watch for pests. If you notice ants and other bugs, spray or use granular insecticide to prevent them from tunneling below your hardscape. (Other pests that might require attention include most rodents).

You’ve already made the decision to protect your investment and have your pavers sealed. Following these 3 easy tips will make sure your investment stays protected!

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