How ants and other pests can damage your patio and what to do about them

Look familiar? Ants and other pests can cause damage on your paver patio or walkway, creating the need for repairs. In almost all cases of pest damage, the biggest culprit is ants. You know how annoying it is when you see a trail of them carrying what’s left of dinner from the kitchen floor out of the window. Ants are the epitome of power in numbers! And they will do a number to your paver patio!

What’s going on underneath your patio?

How ants and other pests can damage your patio and what to do about them

It is amazing how much base and joint material these little creatures can displace! If you’ve ever owned an ant farm the image above probably looks familiar. And this is what’s going on under your patio once ants breach the surface. Ants can tunnel through the sand under and between your blocks and pavers. This causes damage to the integrity of the joints and provides an opportunity for weeds and moss to grow.

Ants are by far the most destructive pest we have seen doing damage to patios and walkways. Your best course of action is to be diligent and spray or bait as soon as you see any signs of ant activity. Ants work very quickly, and not dealing with them will certainly make the problem worse.

If these pests have already infested and damaged your pavers it may be time to call the professionals!

Pests that can harm your hardscape:

Pest What they Damage What to Do
Ants Tunnel under pavers=sand damage Spray hills on sight or bait immediately. Baiting is said to be more effective.

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Bees or Yellow Jackets Make nests in beds bordering pavers There are various techniques that include spraying, vacuuming, using the hose, etc… But step one is always identifying what kind of bees you have.

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Wasps Build nests in block walls Wasp sprays are the most effective aside from calling pest control. If you choose to spray yourself do so at night when they are less active.
Burrow underneath patios and planting beds and displace base material creating structure issues. Bonk them on the head!…Just kidding. Apparently they do not like the smell of moth balls. Planting some in and around the area may help to rid or deter them. If this does not work call an exterminator or local animal control if you are against trapping them yourself.