Why should you reseal you pavers every four years?

The answer is easy; if you stay committed to a maintenance schedule for your pavers, you can avoid a more costly alternative, complete restoration.

If you’ve had a complete restoration before, you know how messy that process can be. Keeping your pavers sealed and periodic self maintenance helps prevent stains, weather damage and sand deterioration. Once the sand is compromised, it will need to be removed and replaced. That’s a preventable cost! Our sealers help extend the life of your pavers and the joint sand, saving you time and money.

For most clients, the reseal process is simple.

  1. We clean the surface of the pavers.
  2. If the sand has come loose in some small areas, in most cases we can do a spot touch-up.
  3. Once the pavers have dried, we reseal the surface again.

If you sealed your pavers shortly after they were installed and followed our simple self maintenance tips, you’re likely ahead of the game. Your investment is worth protecting, so keep up with a four year resealing plan and avoid a costly restoration!

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