Resealing your pavers is the best way to keep them looking beautiful for years to come. We recommend resealing every 3-4 years. However, various factors affect the actual timeline including volume of traffic, site conditions, weather, type of sealer and the age of the pavers. Also never cleaning your pavers between sealings allows the elements to eat away at the sealer faster. 

Here are some signs it’s time add another coat of sealer to your pavers. 

  1. The color is looks dull and dirty. 
  2. Moss and/or mold is starting to take over. 
  3. The joint sand looks dark or is coming out. 
  4. Water test: Splash a little water on the paver surface. If it soaks in immediately without any beading the sealer is most likely worn away. 

Paver maintenance is easily forgotten about but paying attention to these signs will help you stay on top of it. But if you don’t trust yourself to follow these signs it never hurts to seek a professional’s opinion. If you are a previous client of ours we can easily look up your records, see when your pavers were last sealed, and send someone out to evaluate the site if a resealing is needed.

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