Is it time to reseal my pavers? We generally recommend sealing your pavers every 3 years. There are several factors that will affect this schedule including:

Traffic – a heavily used patio or walkway will need to be sealed sooner than one that sees less “wear and tear”

Site Conditions – Shady areas often have more issues with moss and ground in dirt. These sites might need more frequent cleaning and/or sealing. Sunny, dry areas that are well maintained might need sealing less often. (Ask about our newer antifungal products if your pavers are in a shady location.)

Age – As time passes, the surface of any concrete paver will become worn. When this happens, they more porous. These pavers tend to have a rougher surface, and will benefit from more frequent sealing, perhaps every 2 years, to prolong their lifespan.

Choice of Sealer – There are many sealers to choose from, each has some different considerations. A Natural penetrating sealer can be re-applied safely every few years. These products are “breathable” so there is no danger of trapping moisture under the coating. Other sealers that offer an enhanced wet look will leave a film on top of the pavers. A professional needs to assess these situations to ensure that the pavers are ready for re-sealing to ensure the best results.

Resealing keeps pavers looking great and reduces maintenance.We know that maintaining your pavers is one of the most important ways to keep your home looking fantastic. We keep in touch with all of our clients and help them protect their investment by resealing the pavers on a regular basis. Call us for a free estimate today.

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