As the weather gets colder, you may be asking yourself “How can I prep my patio for Winter?” It is essential to make sure your paver patio or walkway is prepared for the snowy season. Now is the perfect time to get your hardscape ready for winter! Take time to do a thorough inspection and assessment of your patios, driveways and walkways to ensure they are ready for the harsh elements. Here are some tips to keep your pavers in tip top shape.


  1. Remove any patio furniture, rugs, firepits, grills, planters, etc. Keep any items you will not be using throughout the winter months in storage and off the pavers. This will make snow removal easier and will also reduce the amount of staining from furniture legs, etc. (One easy way to prevent stains throughout the season is to move furniture and pots slightly to allow underneath them to dry out).
  2. Sweep off any debris and leaves. This will help reduce the amount of organic stains.
  3. Perform one last “quick clean” by following the instructions on our Maintenance Blog.
  4. Seal your pavers. If your pavers are already sealed, that’s awesome!  If not, consider calling us to schedule an appointment for next season.

Ultimately, spending just a small amount of time an effort throughout the season to keep your paver surfaces clean, protected and looking their best, will extend their lifespan, saving you time and money.

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