Is rock salt safe for pavers? Salting Your Pavers – The Balance Between Safety and Maintaining Durability

Yes, rock salt is safe for pavers if applied properly. Always remember that safety comes first when it comes to salting your patios or walkways. You can use rock salt or calcium chloride on your pavers. Most concrete pavers are manufactured to a very high compressive strength (8,000 – 12,000 psi). They are very dense which makes them more durable. Poured concrete is much weaker, more porous and subject to a greater amount of damage. Therefore, ice melt products like rock salt or calcium chloride can be used on the pavers in your walk, patio or driveway. However, it is corrosive and can damage the surface of the pavers if used excessively or over long periods of time. It’s a good idea to apply these products in layers. Apply a thin layer before the storm, then another light layer during the storm. As soon as possible, rinse off the pavers with lots of clean water to remove any salt and brine left on the surface.

Having your pavers professionally sealed with a high-quality sealer is the best way to protect them. These sealers are specifically designed to bond with the concrete in the pavers. They protect the surface from dirt, grime, stains, erosion and especially de-icing products. You can expect these sealers to last three to five years when properly applied. Best of all they will keep your hardscape looking as beautiful as the day the pavers were first installed.

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