Your home is a sanctuary. Landscape elements such as paver patios and walkways can be beautiful accents to your sanctuary. Cleaning paving stones is the key to a beautiful patio. Remember, just like any surface exposed to the elements, your pavers do require some maintenance.

Keeping your pavers clean is simple. As soon as winter is over, it’s time to get started. Here are a few easy steps you can take to maintain their beauty:

  1. Spring Clean up. Cleaning paving stones is easy. As soon as possible sweep or blow off any accumulated dirt, branches, mulch or leaves. If necessary, apply a mild solution of soap and water and with a broom, wash off any ground-in dirt and stains. Rinse completely with fresh water.
  2. Keep your pavers clean. Be sure to use a broom or leaf blower regularly especially after any storms or parties. Don’t use a power washer!
  3. Clean up stains right away. Any stains such as rust, grease or wine left untreated will penetrate the surface of the paver and may become difficult or impossible to remove. Sealed pavers are much easier to clean and won’t allow the stain to set.
  4. Keep them dry. If you have any shaded areas that the sun doesn’t dry, sweep or blow off any standing water. This will help hamper the growth of moss.
  5. Remove any moss quickly. If you begin to see any green, remove it. If left unchecked, it will continue to grow and take root in the joint sand and removing the moss will destroy the joint. Remember, you can use a broom and a 10-15% solution of bleach and water a couple of times a season to prevent the growth of moss. This won’t affect any sealer that’s been applied.

Spending time outside is one of the fastest ways to improve health and happiness. Maintaining your pavers on a regular basis is a great way to spend quality time outside. Of course, sealed pavers will make maintenance much easier and will also protect them from any damage caused by de-icing products, freeze-thaw cycles and especially acid rain which erodes the surface. The sealers also protect and stabilize the polymeric sand in the joints and help prevent the growth of moss. If your pavers are not sealed, consider sealing them this season.

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