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Transform Your Hardscape

The Paver Savers will bring new life to the patios, walks and walls in your landscape. We are the experts in hardscape restoration. From a full restoration to a quick cleaning, we have a service to fit your needs.

Our mission is to get you to spend more time enjoying your yard!
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Service Packages

From the moment you speak with one of our certified specialists, you’ll understand our commitment to you. At The Paver Savers, we are known for our outstanding service and guaranteed results. After your FREE CONSULTATION, we will recommend the appropriate service option. If the pavers are relatively new, in good shape and don’t require any repairs, cleaning and sealing is a simple two-step process. However, with older pavers where repairs are required or the jointing sand needs to be replaced, it will take several separate visits to complete the project.

Clean & Seal

Perfect for new paver installations. Sealing your pavers now will protect the beauty of your investment for years!

Pro Restore

Our most popular service. This comprehensive multi-step process completely restores your pavers to their original beauty!

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We are hardscape restoration specialists. We repair uneven or sunken pavers, failing edge restraints, steps, free standing garden walls, pillars and retaining walls. Our specialists have an extensive landscape construction background and can rebuild these elements to make them safe and look like new again.

Walks · Patios · Edging · Steps · Retaining & Free Standing Walls
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Replace Sand

Replace Sand

The joint sand between the pavers plays a critical role in the structural integrity of the paving system. It creates an interlock between the pavers preventing them from shifting. When cured properly, it hardens and eliminates loose sand on the pavers. Our technicians will thoroughly clear all the existing joint material then install new polymeric sand to your walk, patio, or driveway.

Stabilize · Prevent Erosion · Deters Weeds, Ants & Other Insects
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Replace Sand


Concrete pavers, brick pavers, poured concrete, and natural paving stones all need to be cleaned thoroughly before a sealer can be applied. We use specialized cleaning equipment in conjunction with our specially formulated cleaners to penetrate deep inside the surface pores releasing ground-in dirt and contaminants. The process works without damaging or discoloring the pavers. It also brightens colors and enables the sealer to better penetrate the paver.

Remove dirt, grime, grease, rust, paint, leaf stains & more
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Why It's Important to Seal Your Pavers


Protect your investment after restoration. Sealing is the final step. Our high-performance sealers create a long-lasting finish that will enhance the beauty of your pavers. In addition the anti-fungal stabilizers in our sealers will lock up the joint sand and deter moss. Above all you’ll enjoy peace of mind. Your pavers will be protected from fading, discoloration, stains and surface deterioration.

Choose a natural, enhanced or wet-look finish
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