Do I need to seal my pavers? Maybe not. But, there are many reasons to consider sealing your bricks and pavers. Pavers that have been sealed will maintain their original beauty much longer than those that are not. We recommend that all new pavers be sealed soon after installation, and then resealed every few years as needed. Our experience proves this is the very best way to protect your investment.

Today’s pavers are carefully manufactured to strict standards and are very durable. However, like any surface that is exposed to the elements, they will require maintenance. Consider the surface of your car: you wash and wax it regularly to protect it. Your pavers are subject to the same environmental forces as any vehicle. Over time they will lose their beauty and luster. They just won’t look like those pictures in the brochure any more.

You Should Seal Your Pavers

There are several important reasons to seal your pavers. Pavers that aren’t sealed are more likely to grow weeds and moss in the joints. The colors of any brick or paver will begin to fade, and the accumulation of dirt and ground-in grime on the surface will dull their appearance. The acid rain that falls here in the northeast is the biggest cause of premature aging of hardscapes. Every time it rains, it etches the surface of the paver opening up more and more pores. Once that nice finish the paver had when it was new is worn away, it cannot be replaced.


New pavers have a smooth, shiny surface with tight pores. Older pavers are dull in color and have a rough surface with many open pores to trap dirt.

Benefits of Sealing Pavers:

  • Much easier to keep clean and maintain.
  • Able to keep their like-new finish and original beauty. They won’t get dull.
  • Inhibits the growth of weeds and moss.
  • Stains like oil, grease, wine, rust and paint won’t penetrate into the paver.
  • They will be protected from winter de-icing products and acid rain.
  • The joint sand will be protected and stronger so it stays where it belongs… in the joint.

The benefits of sealing your pavers far outweigh the cost. Sealing new pavers is a fraction of the cost of having them installed. The cost to seal older pavers is a bit higher since they may need deep cleaning and restoration before they can be sealed. But even major restoration can be far less costly than having new pavers installed. Our Certified Restoration Specialists can evaluate your walk, patio or drive and offer a quote to restore and protect your pavers.

Click here for more information on how The Paver Savers clean and seal process can keep your pavers beautiful for many years.

Cleaned & Sealed Pavers

These pavers look as good now as they did when they were installed 10 years ago!

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